Clinical Alert

  • 08 Jun 2023
  • RCOphth

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV has issued a clinical alert addressing syphilis.

The President of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV has contacted the RCOphth and asked us to share this information with our members.

In the United Kingdom, the prevalence of syphilis is rising. Specialist GUM clinics are observing an increase in both asymptomatic syphilis and, more concerningly, complex secondary and neurosyphilis presentations. This means that people are being undetected and are often left with long-term syphilis consequences.

If you observe someone with an unknown cause of red eye or visual disturbance, you should have a low threshold for suspecting syphilis and conducting proper testing (such as syphilis serology). If you have any reservations, please contact your local GUM service provider if you have any questions or concerns about a patient or a positive result.