Glaucoma UK/RCOphth Research Award winner announced

  • 08 Aug 2023
  • RCOphth

Congratulations to Dr Giovanni Montesano, winner of the 2023 Glaucoma UK/RCOphth Research Award.

He will receive £96,082 to fund his project “A path to personalised glaucoma care – mapping clinical trial and real-world outcomes to individuals”.

Accepting the award, Dr Montesano said: “I am extremely grateful for the incredible opportunity provided by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and Glaucoma UK. This award comes at a pivotal moment in my career as an early-stage researcher interested in modelling the effect of glaucoma treatment on preserving patients’ vision.

“Often, the results from large randomised clinical trials are difficult to translate to individual patients to help them optimise their treatment. Technological progress and increased computational and modelling power opened up the possibility to look into detailed patients’ characteristics, including their genetic makeup, to predict their response to treatment and risk of losing vision.

“This project constitutes an unprecedented opportunity to leverage the best evidence from landmark UK-based clinical trials, getting us closer to customised glaucoma care.”

There was an extremely competitive field this year with the College receiving the highest number of applicants since 2013. Congratulations to all this year’s co-applicants. Thank you to the members of the panel who gave their time to mark and interview for this award.