Honorary Fellowship for Mel

  • 11 Dec 2023
  • RCOphth

Congratulations to Melanie Hingorani, former trustee and honorary secretary, who has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship from the College of Optometrists, one of only two presented this year. 

Melanie has recently retired and was a consultant ophthalmologist and clinical director of external engagement and policy at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She led the NHS England national eye care transformation programme for its first two years and helped to establish CUES (community urgent eye care scheme), which allowed optometrists to work with hospitals to deliver ophthalmic care. It was rapidly established to ensure continuation of eye care during the pandemic but now continues as part of integrated eye care pathways in many parts of the country.  

The Honorary Fellowship, which was nominated by members of the profession, recognises her significant contribution to optometry. College of Optometrists President, Professor Leon Davies, said; “It is how we recognise and celebrate the achievements of some of the most dedicated and talented individuals working within eye and vision care practice, and their outstanding contributions to the advancement of the profession.”  

Melanie told us; “This award really made me feel happy that optometry colleagues recognised and valued the work I had done to try to ensure ophthalmologists and optometrists are partners in delivering joined up care for patients. It’s a real honor to receive the fellowship.”