Nystagmus Concise Practice Point

  • 03 May 2023

Managing children with nystagmus can be complex and nuanced for clinicians in any centre drawing questions such as which tests are needed. Or how urgent are they? From urgent MRI scans to specialist eye-tracking referrals, electrodiagnostic testing and genetics, children and their families often report vastly different experiences.

Having formed the Nystagmus UK Eye research group (NUKE) in 2020 comprised of clinicians, support groups and other stakeholders, we have strived to rationalise best clinical practice and improve clinical services for children with nystagmus across the UK and beyond.

The purpose of this Concise Practice Point document is to provide a single point of reference for busy clinicians, in both specialist and non-specialist centres when managing children with nystagmus. From initial presentation through to discharge, we hope this resource will help to demystify some of the nuances when seeing this challenging group of patients.