Positioning ophthalmology "at the forefront of AI in healthcare"

  • 23 May 2024
  • Communications team

With the prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) innovations in ophthalmology and the wider healthcare environment, we have set out the College’s stance, outlining the potential of AI tools to transform eyecare delivery in the UK.

We believe that AI can bolster the capacity of ophthalmology services, enhance diagnostic and treatment provision, and widen access to specialised care.

The position statement highlights considerations for policymakers and healthcare leaders to help ensure that AI serves as a catalyst for positive change in the field.

Commenting on its publication Anthony Khawaja, Chair of the College’s Informatics and Audit Committee, said:

“Ophthalmology is at the forefront of AI in healthcare. With AI tools poised to transform eyecare services, it is vital ophthalmologists continue to lead the way in shaping the development and implementation of these technologies for the benefit of all patients.

I welcome the College’s advocacy for a safe, equitable and effective implementation of AI in ophthalmology, emphasising the need for sufficient workforce capacity, appropriate governance frameworks and better integrated digital systems including interoperable imaging standards.

AI adoption is and will continue to be an iterative process requiring ongoing audit and quality assurance, with clinicians – supported by AI-enabled tools – remaining central to patient care.

The College will continue to collaborate with policymakers, industry, patients, and our members to help ophthalmologists effectively and safely deploy AI-enabled tools.”

You can read Artificial intelligence in ophthalmology here.