The Eye To Eye Podcast Reaches Two Major Milestones

  • 16 Dec 2020
  • RCOphth

This week the Eye to Eye Podcast has been listed as one of Eye News’ top five podcasts for trainees to listen to. In addition, the podcast has had it’s 10, 000th listen. Reaching these two major milestones in the same week is testament to the popularity of this broadcast.

Top five podcast

Eye News Mag featured our Eye to Eye podcast in their list of top five ophthalmology podcasts for trainees! They liked its focus on the latest research papers, interviews and clinical updates. The podcast is hosted by Doctor Sunil Mamtora, an Ophthalmology Trainee, but has content that all Ophthalmic healthcare professionals can enjoy.

10,00th listen of our Eye to Eye podcast

This week Eye to Eye had its 10,000th listen. The podcast’s following has grown throughout the year. It has a global audience base, with people listening from the USA, Australia, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and India.

It is the highest rated Ophthalmology Podcast on Apple Podcasts and the first search result when searching ‘Ophthalmology’ in Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Eye to Eye is found on all major streaming services, including:

It has been a pleasure to to speak with such inspirational colleagues. This podcast is meeting the digital needs of the next generation of Ophthalmologists, whilst providing a useful perspective for our more senior colleagues listeners.

Doctor Sunil Mamtora

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