UK Clinical Eye Research Strategy Updated Research Priority Setting Exercise

  • 26 Apr 2022
  • NIHR National Ophthalmology Specialty Group

Ophthalmology is one of the first specialities in the UK to use a novel method of updating its original research priorities published in 2013 – Sight and Vision Loss Report.

The UK Clinical Eye Research Strategy was established in March 2020 and was developed by a Working Group convened by the NIHR National Ophthalmology Specialty Group. Our newly formed five Clinical Study Groups (CSGs) have reviewed these original research priorities and aligned them under their respective CSG. The CSGs operate under the UK Clinical Eye Research Strategy.

This work has resulted in a total of 98 updated eye research priority questions across nine subspecialties. This will be available in one survey questionnaire to go live at the end of April 2022.

We invite all respondents with an interest in eye research including patients and the public as well as researchers and health care professionals to review these updated research priority questions and feedback on how important you think the question is.  You will also have the opportunity to rank those questions in order of research priority. This will produce a final top ten list of research priority setting questions for each subspecialty.

This long-term strategy incorporating all key stakeholders will enhance eye research in the UK in partnership with the NIHR CRN. This list will be used in consultation with agencies that commission research and other funding organisations.

By taking part in this survey you will have the chance to shape the future direction of eye research.

With thanks to our funding partners for supporting the work of the UK Clinical Eye Research Strategy:

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