Updates on ocular imaging: Eye Journal Special Edition

  • 04 Feb 2021
  • RCOphth

The Eye journal has produced an animated video to accompany the Jan 2021 special issue on ‘Imaging’.  It includes a comprehensive collection of updates on ocular imaging that are applicable to all fields in Ophthalmology. 

The Special issue contains papers on diverse topics, that cover basic science research and clinical applications: 

  • anterior or posterior segment imaging
  • imaging in conditions affecting adults or children
  • applications in primary care or secondary care
  • imaging in both rare and common diseases. 

Seeing is believing 

The video focuses on one specific article from the special issue ‘Aqueous humour outflow imaging: seeing is believing’. 

Seeing is believing- the author perspective 

The intended audience for the video is vision healthcare professionals clinicians and scientists.  It is particularly important for those who work with glaucoma and eye pressure.  This information is also important for trainees as it provides the most up to date understanding of ocular anatomy for aqueous humor outflow.  Previous basic teaching was not fully accurate. Currently, some of this material has now worked its way into the American Academy of Ophthalmology Basic Science Series (Glaucoma section).  Lastly, it is important for imaging experts because the article raises challenges and knowledge gaps for imaging experts to potentially tackle.

Alex Huang, author 'Aqueous humour outflow imaging: seeing is believing'

Alex Huang, author ‘Aqueous humour outflow imaging: seeing is believing’

The Eye’s Ocular Imaging Day

On Tuesday 9th Feb 2021 Eye will be holding an Ocular Imaging Day on Twitter. Join Eye on Twitter next week for highlights from the special imaging issue. 

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