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Laser Refractive Surgery

As this treatment (commonly referred to in the media as laser eye surgery) is usually carried out in the private sector we are not able to recommend clinics, surgeons or the cost of laser eye surgery.

Clinics are not required to register with any national organisation and because of this there is not a list of clinics available. As with all surgery, we recommend that patients research thoroughly what is available, the risks and benefits associated with this type of surgery.  If you are already being seen by a surgeon, you should be given literature and verbal assurance about the procedure and the risks and benefits of the surgery.  You should then be able to make an informed choice in your own time, Patient Guide to Excimer Laser Refractive Surgery 2011 and Questions relating to Laser Eye Surgery 2012 should help you too.  

The College introduced a Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery in 2007. This examination in Laser Refractive Surgery, if successful, leads to the conferment of ‘The Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery’ and subject to the GMC requirement for satisfactory annual appraisal as part of the revalidation process, permits the use of the post-nominals ‘CertLRS’.

The College is currently consulting on professional standards for refractive surgery until 5 October 2016.