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Ophthalmology research infrastructure in NHS hospitals

A research study that takes place at a NHS hospital requires a clinician (this may be an ophthalmologist, an optometrist or a specialist nurse) to take responsibility for the study at that site. This clinician is known as the Principal Investigator (PI). The clinician who takes full responsibility for the study itself (which may be across many sites in a mult-center study) is known as the Chief Investigator (CI). The investigator is supported by a team that may include other eye care clinicians, research coordinators, administrators and managers.

The database (updated annually) of eye research-active staff at hospital-level is called OPERA (OPhthalmology Encyclopedia of Research Architecture). For information from the OPERA database, please contact the Specialty Cluster D Manager, Ian Nickson, on [email protected]

The NIHR Clinical Research Network supports the investigators and their teams through a network of Research Delivery Managers (RDM), who are managed by the 15 Clinical Research Network executive teams. These RDMs regularly meet with the Ophthalmology Specialty Group Regional leads to review performance and needs at each hospital.

Some university and district general hospitals have a particularly strong eye research portfolio. For details of how to access information about individual research studies please view the patient and public involvement page.