Cataract National Data Set Specification

  • 24 Jul 2023
  • Informatics and Audit Sub-committee

This document describes the data set for cataract surgery. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists is the content sponsor for the Cataract National Data Set. It was originally published in April 2010 by the Information Standards Board (ISB) as an inherited information standard based on good evidence of its use a) in electronic cataract care records and b) to support national audit, benchmarking, research, and quality improvement. It is approved for use for those purposes within units providing cataract surgery. However, some amendments are required to fully align the data set with other Information Standards as specified in the Data Dictionary and to make it fit for use to communicate information between systems i.e. for interoperability. The data set specification can be found here.

Since 2010 the RCOphth has responded to requests for change to the data set and these are logged in the data set file. The data set used by the NOD Cataract Audit is a subset of this full data set.