Managing Nystagmus in Childhood

  • 25 Apr 2023
  • Nystagmus UK Eye research group (NUKE)

The onset of a spontaneous oscillation of the eyes can occur at any time in life but is most commonly encountered during childhood. In the UK, nystagmus in the general population has been reported to have a prevalence of 2.4 in 1000. It can occur as an isolated disorder, in association with a number of different eye conditions, or as a result of a range of neurological disorders. The onset of nystagmus in childhood is not rare and can be the cause of significant clinical and parental concern, and sometimes requires urgent investigation. There is currently no standard clinical approach to investigating nystagmus in childhood.

This Clinical Practice Point provides a single point of reference for busy clinicians when managing these complex patients from differential diagnosis, through long-term management, to discharge. It also covers provision of support for patients and carers throughout and beyond clinical care pathways.

This document is specific to nystagmus in children.