A meeting at the RCOphth

Responsibilities of Council Members

Council members meet quarterly to participate in the national debate on the health care service and specifically the impact on ophthalmology.

Participation in standing committees

Council members are expected to join at least one standing committee (Education, Examinations, Finance, Professional Standards, Scientific and Training). Members’ preference will be taken into account but the Honorary Secretary will ensure sufficient Council representation on each committee.

Council members attend the Admissions Ceremony in September and the Council Dinner.

Preparation for meetings

Council members are expected to read the meeting papers in advance. They are sent a week in advance by email and may include a number of attachments.

Conduct in meetings

To promote free and open debate the discussions in meetings should be regarded as confidential. The minutes of meetings are a matter of record and the short notes are included in the fortnightly Eyemail that is sent out to all members.

Declaration of conflict of interests

Council members are expected to complete a declaration of interest form each June and to declare any conflict of interest at the start of committee meetings and to withdraw from the ensuing discussions, if appropriate. You can view a blank DoI form template here. For individual declaration of interest forms, look at Trustee profiles.