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Examination Fees

The examination fees for 2017 are listed below.

Examination 2017 Fee
Part 1 Fellowship Examination
Fee to sit
Refraction Certificate
Fee to sit
£660 (UK)
£940 (Kuching)
Part 2 Fellowship Written Examination
Fee to sit
Part 2 Fellowship Oral Examination
Fee to sit
£635 (UK)
£2000 (Singapore)
Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery
Fee per attempt 1
Additional payments
Replica Certificates
Appeals Procedure
Duke Elder (payment for all candidates)
£75+VAT 2

An attempt constitutes the submission of Portfolio Assessment and any subsequent amendments prior to the proposed interview date. Candidates deemed as unsuccessful after the submission shall not be permitted to attend the Portfolio Interview and Structured Vivas. Candidates are required to submit payment of the fee for each attempt.

2 From 1 January 2011 VAT is payable at the rate of 20%.