Ophthalmic Specialist Training Curriculum

The Ophthalmic Specialist Training Curriculum is the foundation of the Ophthalmic Specialist Training programme. It contains the learning outcomes and resources needed to progress within the training programme.

The OST Curriculum is underpinned by an e-Portfolio system, where you should record your progress against the learning outcomes.

OST curriculum

A comprehensive Resource Library is incorporated within the OST Curriculum.  Each Learning Outcome is supported by a menu of resources as per categories listed below:

  • E-Learning for Health Modules
  • Books/Journals
  • Electronic Resources

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Ophthalmic Local Training and CESR Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) Candidates

The OST Curriculum is also used by doctors both in formal ophthalmic local training programmes and those devising their own training towards CESR. It informs them of the skills and capabilities that they must be able to evidence for their CESR submission.

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