Curriculum 2024

Curriculum 2024 is the new ophthalmic specialist training programme. Find out everything you need to know here

Curriculum 2024 launches at the start of the 2024/25 training year alongside a new training ePortfolio. It will support doctors’ training and equip them with the knowledge, skills and practice approach to ensure they can give patients the highest quality ophthalmology care.

It’s for you if you’re a doctor in training from ST1 to ST5. You will move onto the new curriculum when it starts. If you’re an ST7 due to complete your training before the end of September 2025, you’ll stay on the current curriculum. And if you’re at ST6 you can decide with your educational supervisor and training programme director which curriculum works best for you.

Communication and resources

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Implementation timeline

  • June 2024 : Different arrangements for ARCP
  • August 2023 – August 2024: ePortfolio Pilot
  • August 2024 : Curriculum 2024 begins

Curriculum 2024 Documentation

The proposed new Curriculum 2024 lists high-level, overarching Learning Outcomes that capture the skills, knowledge and behaviours required by ophthalmologists in training and will assess overall capabilities in both clinical and generic professional skills. The Learning Outcomes are mapped to the Generic Professional Capabilities (GPCs) framework. These documents are currently waiting for GMC approval.

Curriculum 2024

The curriculum employs seven domains of practice framed around the GPCs framework. One of these domains, Patient Management (PM) is divided into twelve clinical special interest areas (SIAs).

Assessment Strategy

This document provides further detail on the range of assessment tools to be used by ophthalmologists in training to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and skills throughout their time in training.

Assessment Blueprint

This table lists the assessment methods mapped to the high-level, overarching Learning Outcomes.

Syllabi – Patient Management and other domains

The syllabi underpin the Learning Outcomes and list descriptors that will provide further guidance on how to demonstrate satisfactory achievement of the outcomes. These documents are currently waiting for GMC approval.