Curriculum 2024 approved documents

Curriculum 2024 lists high-level, overarching Learning Outcomes that capture the skills, knowledge and behaviours required by ophthalmologists in training and will assess overall capabilities in both clinical and generic professional skills. The Learning Outcomes are mapped to the Generic Professional Capabilities (GPCs) framework. These documents have been approved by the GMC.

Curriculum 2024

This section contains the new OST Curriculum and associated documents as approved by the GMC from 1 June 2024.

OST Curriculum 2024

The curriculum employs seven domains of practice framed around the GPCs framework. One of these domains, Patient Management (PM) is divided into twelve clinical special interest areas (SIAs).

Assessment Blueprint

The Assessment Blueprint should be used in conjunction with the OST Curriculum and Assessment Strategy.


The Syllabi for the Patient Management and all other domains are available both by Special Interest Area (SIA) and by Level.

Curriculum 2024 Handbook

The Handbook contains full details and guidance about the assessments required by Curriculum 2024, including the new GMC-approved assessment tools.

ARCP Matrix of Progression

This document is intended to give ARCP panels consistent guidance as to the curriculum requirements for each ST year.