Curriculum 2024 - what do I need to know?

Are you ready for the new OST Curriculum? Find out everything you need to know about the new ePortfolio and CPD changes coming in August 2024.


Date Stakeholder Activity
Ongoing All trainees Inform HoS/TPD in writing of their intended Level of training in August 2024
Ongoing Trainees due to enter ST6 in August 2024 Inform HoS/TPD in writing if they are intending to remain on the old curriculum
31 December 2023 (indicative) Heads of School/TPDs Finalise roadmap for all trainees in terms of Level of entry to Curriculum 2024
Identify any potential competition to Level 4 SIA posts
1 February 2024 (indicative) Heads of School/TPDs Indicative deadline for applications to Level 4
Start planning rotations for Curriculum 2024
1 March 2024 (indicative) Heads of School/TPDs Decision on Level 4 SIA post allocation
1 April 2024 (indicative) Heads of School/TPDs Allocation of rotations for August 2024
15 June 2024 All trainees* and ARCP panels ARCP reviews for 2024 must be completed by the deadline
One-week deadline will be given to finalise any Outcome 5s
30 June 2024 All trainees and ARCP panels ARCP forms on old ePortfolio will NO longer be available for editing or signing off
July 2024 All users The old platform is decommissioned in preparation for the switch to the new ePortfolio
1 August 2024 All users Launch of OST Curriculum 2024 and the new ePortfolio

* A different timeline will apply to Early Adopters (West Midlands)

For more information about the transition, see here.

Managing ePortfolio / CPD diary migration

The platform, which is used to record training progress as well as CPD activities, will have a new home and a new look from August 2024. You are encouraged to get ready for the changes, starting with maintaining up-to-date records and following the recommended training timetable. For more information about the ePortfolio, see here – and for the CPD diary migration, see here.