Your ePortfolio - old and new

The platform to document training progress will have a new home and a new look from August 2024. Get ready for the changes, starting with maintaining up-to-date records and following the recommended training timetable.

The current system will be decommissioned in July 2024. All users, including trainees who choose to finish their training on the 2010 curriculum, will have their data migrated to the new ePortfolio platform.

Portfolios must be managed proactively to ensure that all the required actions are completed in good time. The Help tab has a plethora of useful documents and videos about the ARCP process.

Getting your portfolio ready for summer 2024 ARCP and beyond

Portfolio management 

You must ensure that:

  • All pending assessment forms and the required number of supervisor reports per year (2 ESRs and 4 CSRs) have been signed off prior to the ARCP date.
  • The ARCP and cut-off dates have been edited in accordance with local instructions to ensure the online form is visible to the panel on the day of the review.
  • Local requirements (e.g. Form R/SOAR, GMC NTS certificate) have been met in a timely fashion.
  • Curriculum Transition Checklists (where appropriate) and Level Intention Form have been uploaded to the Additional Evidence tab.

Curriculum Transition Checklists

You must complete checklists as appropriate to your ST stage to establish gaps in training before discussing transition plans with your ES and TPD.  These may not be required for all trainees – please refer to the transition aids for details.

Level Intention Form 

You must complete the form and agree with your ES and TPD prior to the ARCP date the appropriate level of training at the transition point (August 2024).

Download prior to data migration

You must download your full portfolio after the ARCP and no later than 30 June 2024.  Once past the login page, your hyperlinked name (top right-hand corner) will take you to another screen with the download option, which will create PDF documents of all electronic assessments, ARCP forms, ESR and CSR forms, as well as everything stored in the Additional Evidence tab.  You must download the portfolio without a date range for it to capture all documents.