CPD diary migration

You will still be able to document your CPD activities and keep track of your points in the new ePortfolio. The new CPD diary will stop following rolling five-year cycles and will not ‘lock’ itself at any point.

Please be aware that the new ePortfolio will not generate certificates for annual appraisals. If you need CPD certificates to meet your local appraisal requirements, you should start exploring alternatives.  Check whether your employer’s local appraisal and revalidation policies require use of a specific recording tool.

When using INSPIRE, you can record when some learning has been undertaken in a particular course, and this will then appear in your INSPIRE CPD log.  You can download this and add it to your trust appraisal portfolio.

Key information 

  • The new ePortfolio will not generate certificates for annual appraisals
  • Existing CPD data will not be migrated to the new ePortfolio
  • It will not be possible to print any further CPD certificates after 30 June 2024.
  • If you wish to continue using the current CPD diary until mid-2024, you are strongly advised to add entries at regular intervals and print a final certificate / download your CPD from the Summary Report section before the switch-off date.