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Drugs Shortage: Continuing shortage of Visudyne (verteporfin)

The College has been made aware that the manufacturers of Visudyne (verteporfin) are experiencing significant production delays and new stocks of Visudyne will not be available for the UK market until early 2022. Due to the low volume of circulating stock of Visudyne in the UK the Department of Health and Social Care has made the decision to divert the remaining stock to the national ophthalmic oncology centres.


Safety Alert: Retinal vein occlusions post COVID vaccination

The College had considered the recent reports of an increased incidence of Central Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVST) in the UK and anecdotal cases of retinal vein occlusion (RVO) in the immediate period (28 days) subsequent to COVID vaccination. In view of this potential link, the College asks all UK ophthalmologists to consider reporting possible inoculation related cases to the MHRA using their reporting system.


Mitomycin shortage resolution

The UK has been experiencing a shortage of mitomycin 2mg, 10mg, 20mg vials for intravenous administration and 40mg for intravesical administration since late October 2019. Since the recall of Kyowa Kirin product in early November 2019 all Trusts have had to rely on unlicensed imports. Kyowa Kirin have withdrawn their marketing authorisation for Mitomycin-C and have no immediate plans to return to market with this product range.