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Awards and Prizes

RCOphth offers a wide range of travel awards and clinical/research fellowships in partnership with other organisations. Names of winners are published annually unless individual opt-out requests are received. All award recipients are required to submit a written report within three months of the completion of their fellowship/research, to be circulated to the RCOphth Education Committee and the awarding body.  Please use the Report Format Guidance.

Plagiarism will result in disqualification.

Please direct any Awards & Scholarship enquiries to [email protected] .

Open Awards

Closed Awards

  • Fight For Sight/Royal Society of Medicine Award
  • The Ophthalmology Clinical Research Training Fellowship
  • RCOphth/NIHR Researcher of the Year 2018
  • BOSU Surveillance Study Bursary
  • Fight for Sight and RCOphth – John Lee Fellowship Primer Award 2019
  • IGA Award 2020
  • Keeler Scholarship 2020
  • The Essay Prize for Foundation Doctors 2020
  • The Dorey – Lister Bequest Travel Awards
  • Patrick Trevor-Roper Undergraduate Travel Award 2020