New information gives clarity on multi-professional skills to deliver new pathways of care

  • 26 Oct 2021
  • RCOphth

A new document from the National Eye Care Recovery and Transformation Programme Team sets out the current courses and qualifications (including core professional skills) for registered eye health care professionals and how they relate to service capabilities that provide safe patient care.

The information has been developed in collaboration with key eye care stakeholders, and can be used by commissioners, health service providers, workforce planners and eye care professionals to help to:

  • Appropriately commission services
  • Run a service within a system (with the support of workforce matrices, job planning and e-rostering where indicated)
  • Identify staff numbers and training and development requirements for the adequate eyecare workforce of the future.

Clarity on services eyecare workforce can deliver

Ophthalmic care is delivered on a multi-professional basis across primary, community, and secondary care. Defining both the numbers of staff required and their skill sets is essential to address short term workforce needs and long-term planning. Currently, there is wide variation between and within providers in the scope of activity carried out by different eye health professional groups.

This information gives providers and commissioners more clarity on what services the eyecare workforce can deliver with core competence, with local development and with post-graduate qualifications. This will help ensure the best use of their skills without the burden of unnecessary courses.

There is an accompanying summary table which can be used to rapidly identify how different professionals can contribute to key high volume eye care services in different care settings.

The document is currently in draft form, to allow continued open consultation and improvement as more evidence emerges, and to support adaptation and implementation locally.

Find out more

Copies of the document are available on the NHS Futures Eye Care Hub

You can also find extensive case studies, workforce analysis, events and patient support information. You can also use this link to register to join the Futures Eye Care Hub.

Or for more information email: [email protected]

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