CQC Specialist Advisor - Ophthalmology

  • 07 Apr 2022
  • Communications Team

CQC’s inspection programme is changing.  Rather than treating surgery as a single speciality they are moving to an approach focused much more on the surgical sub-specialities.  This approach will involve continuous monitoring of key metrics supported by a more detailed review (deep dive) when concerns are raised.  Should the deep dive fail to allay concerns then a focused inspection may follow.

Supported by The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, the CQC is looking to recruit 4-5 senior clinicians to assist CQC in a pilot of the new approach.

The Role

The CQC’s approach to inspection is reliant on the inclusion of Specialist Professional Advisors (SPAs) to provide expert sub-speciality advice and knowledge and support the CQC’s regulatory inspection and investigation activity. This advice ensures that CQC judgements are informed by up to date and credible clinical and professional knowledge and experience.

This role is ad-hoc and will run alongside the consultant’s current role. Many Trusts encourage this within study leave or professional leave as it is a valuable tool for service improvement and personal professional development.  Feedback is provided which is valuable for professional development, annual appraisal and revalidation.

What the CQC is looking for from applicants

The CQC welcome applicants who are deeply passionate about quality in healthcare services and improving the experiences of service users and families in the delivery of effective regulation, credible inspections and quality improvement.

You will have up-to-date and credible clinical and professional knowledge and experience which will help you evaluate and analyse evidence and information.  You should be a skilled communicator, with the ability to engage with staff, service users and stakeholders at every level.  You should be able to demonstrate the ability to interpret complex information and be comfortable working transparently as part of a team.

Time Commitment

It is estimated that each SPA will undertake 4-5 deep dives per year and that each deep dive will take up to one day.  Should a focused inspection be required then it is expected that this could also be completed within one day.  At present CQC pays SPAs at a day rate of £300.  Following completion of the pilot and depending upon personal circumstances and demand, it may be possible to offer a contract involving PAs.

For more information on the pilot and the SPA role, please contact

Mike Zeiderman   [email protected]

Graham Cooper   [email protected]