RCOphth hosts world first for surgical skills

  • 01 Dec 2022
  • RCOphth

A recent RCOphth Cataract Surgery Complications course was the setting for the world’s first surgical skills course in a dry-lab environment where trainees watched surgical techniques being demonstrated live, in 3D

A Vision Engineering DRV stereomicroscope, linked to a 70-inch 3D screen, was used to demonstrate techniques such as Malyugin ring insertion, placement of iris hooks and capsular tension rings and sulcus IOL insertion in high-fidelity 3D.

The DRV stereomicroscope facilitates high-quality surgical demonstrations. The display and depth of focus, extending from the surface of the cornea to the posterior capsule, means that the entire surgical field is always in focus.

For those who are keen to experience this innovative technology, please look out for announcements about the eight 3D surgical skills courses that will be running during the 2023 RCOphth Annual Congress in Birmingham.

Special thanks to Stewart Mardell from Vision Engineering for the loan of the DRV stereomicroscope and to Sunil Mamtora, who sourced the 3D screen and glasses!

More information about RCOphth Annual Congress is available here.

More information about Surgical Skills courses is available here.