Corneal Cross-linking Data Set 2016

  • 01 Jul 2016
  • Bruce Allan, Matthew Edwards, Daniel Gore (chair), Stephen Kaye, Sai Kolli, Keith Meek, Mohammed Muhtaseb, David O’Brart, Jeremy Prydal

This document describes a proposed data set for corneal cross-linking (CXL).  The data set has been composed by a working group of the UK CXL Consortium, comprising a representative selection of experts in the management of keratoconus and related corneal ectasias working in a variety of healthcare and academic environments across the UK.

The purpose of this data set is to represent an agreed set of clinical information which can be collected on patients being considered for corneal cross-linking.  As well as defining the items to be collected, the data set also describes the format for each item.  The data set can be used as a basis for clinical care, outcome analysis, clinical audit, revalidation and research.  Common use of the data set will ensure that information collected by different clinicians, using different paper or electronic systems in different locations, is easily transferable, and can therefore form the basis of large, anonymised databases for audit and outcomes research.  Each data item is colour coded according to the following scheme;