Guidelines for Screening for Uveitis in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA)

  • 14 Feb 2006
  • Peadiatric Sub-committee

The prevalence of uveitis in JIA overall is approximately 8-30%, but in young oligoarticular onset group (ie arthritis in which up to 4 joints are involved) it may be as high as 45-57%. The annual incidence of JIA in the UK is 1:10,000 with a prevalence of 1:1000. The type of arthritis and age at onset dictates the risk of developing uveitis. Only the highest risk groups are included in the regular screening recommendations below. However, late onset of first uveitis can occur even in young adults and cases have been reported in systemic JIA so it is important to make clinical referrals for ophthalmology assessment in patients where there are clinical concerns even if the patient is not specifically covered by these screening guidelines. This document, from 2006, aims to provide guidance and reduce the incidence of visual impairment among children and young people with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)by early detection through screening allowing for early intervention.