Ophthalmic Pathology

  • 21 Mar 2024
  • Dr Caroline Thaung and Ms Hibba Quhill

Ophthalmic pathology is a laboratory-based discipline which provides an essential service to ophthalmologists and related professionals by examining samples taken from patients in order to provide a diagnostic opinion. Ophthalmic pathology is a subspecialty of cellular pathology (including histopathology and cytopathology), with much of its methodology based around light microscopic examination of glass slides on which are mounted sections of tissue or fluid preparations derived from the patient samples. These preparations are examined morphologically following use of staining methods including histochemistry and immunohistochemistry to highlight salient features of the specimen and aid in diagnosis. In some cases, ancillary methods such as molecular analysis or electron microscopy may be needed.

This ophthalmic services guidance gives guidance to ophthlamologists on the services available to them, where these services are available and what support ophthalmic pathology services can provide ophthlamologists.