Ophthalmic Special Order Products

  • 16 Aug 2019
  • Quality and Safety Group

The Ophthalmic Special Order Products list relates to topical and oral ophthalmic agents. For injectable agents refer to Medusa injectable guide. The list is colour coded as follows: green for specials suitable for initiation by primary care; amber for specials initiated by secondary care and can be continued by primary care; red for specials prescribed by secondary care only.

  • When clinically appropriate and available, licensed products should always be prescribed and dispensed in preference to unlicensed products.
  • Where a licensed product is not available, specials products listed on the Drug Tariff for England and Wales part VIIIB (Scotland part 7S) or devices listed on the Drugs Tariff for England and Wales part IXA (Scotland part 3, N Ireland part III) are preferred
  • All ophthalmic preparations, whether preserved or preservative-free, should only be used for a limited period once opened. Justified and validated in-use shelf lives should be provided by the manufacturer.
  • For items not on the list, please confirm with secondary care to ensure that a transcription error has not occurred
  • All ophthalmic specials should be initiated in specialist ophthalmic secondary care only and only prescribed in primary care according to secondary care instructions with secondary care supervision (where appropriate), unless otherwise indicated below.