Ophthalmology Global Trigger Tool

  • 15 Jan 2021
  • Quality and Safety Group and Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
The Ophthalmology Global Trigger Tool has been developed by The Royal College of Ophthalmologists to identify and assess risk and potential harm to patients, encouraging a pro-active approach to patient safety.The objectives of the Audit Tool are:

  • To identify and categorise risk to ophthalmology patients according to the global trigger tool classification by retrospective review of clinical records.
  • To make recommendations for improvement in services, clinical management and documentation

The OGTT allows senior clinicians to become more aware of practice within their clinics by more junior colleagues, and permits comparison between services or at different sites within trusts. It also provides a method for appraisal and revalidation audits for clinicians whose practice does not lend itself to the commonly performed outcome audits (e.g. non-operating consultants).

Championing excellence in eye care and patient safety, the RCOphth encourages all NHS ophthalmology providers and professionals to incorporate regular OGTT audits into their audit programme.