Referral pathways for adult ocular tumours

  • 27 Jun 2022
  • National Ocular Oncology Group

Guidance for referring patients to adult ocular oncology services in Liverpool, London, Glasgow and Sheffield updated in June 2022, and again in August 2022 to update the centre contact details.  Referrals to ocular oncology services need to include images of the lesion in question so that patients can be triaged to virtual or video clinics unless an in-person hospital appointment attendance is needed for an investigation or surgical procedure that cannot be done at their local hospital eye service. An Adult Ocular Oncology Referral Form has been designed and this includes a score sheet to help differentiate choroidal naevi from melanomas.

The guidance is not intended to be prescriptive but to act as an aid to considering referral of patients to the nationally designated ocular oncology centres. Referring ophthalmologists should continue to exercise discretion based on the individual clinical presentations of individual patients.