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Focus Articles

Focus is a regular college publication forming part of College News available online and in print. The aim is to provide succinct topical information around important issues for clinical practice. The articles are commissioned for the College and prepared by renowned experts in the field. We hope we can build on our past successes to make Focus an important point of reference for all College members and would welcome any feedback regarding past articles and suggestions for future topics or authors.

Andrew Tatham, Editor
[email protected]

Focus October 2021 – Update on Facial Nerve Palsy: Diagnosis and management of ocular complications
Focus July 2021 – Don’t be a pain in the neck – a short guide to neck and back pain for ophthalmologists
Focus April 2021 – Returning to Work
Focus – January 2021 Cataract Service during and after COVID-19 pandemic

Focus October 2020 – Laser-related Maculopathy
Focus July 2020 – Ocular Graft vs Host Disease
Focus April 2020 – Genomic Medicine in Ophthalmology
Focus January 2020 – Anisocoria in Children

Focus October 2019 – Steroid response – a guide for clinicians
Focus July 2019 – Medicolegal Principles in Ophthalmology
Focus April 2019 – Telemedicine
Focus January 2019 – MHRA Yellow Card Reporting

Focus October 2018 – Managing Refractive Surprise
Focus July 2018 – Chronic Allergic Eye Disease
Focus April 2018 – Chemical Injuries of the Ocular Surface
Focus January 2018 – Learning from Litigation

Focus October 2017 – Medical Ophthalmology
Focus July 2017 – Complications of strabismus surgery

Focus April 2017 – The use of OCT for detecting glaucoma  – FOCUS article references – April 2017
Focus January 2017 – Acanthamoeba update: an illustrative case

Focus October 2016 – Update on Retinal Toxicity
Focus July 2016 – Update on retinal imaging: OCT angiography

Focus Spring 2016 (Focus Spring 2016 References) – Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery: MIGS
Focus Winter 2016 – Consent: The reasonable patient

Focus Autumn 2015 – Traumatic Orbital Emergencies
Focus Summer 2015 – Retinal Auto Fluorescence (RAF): Clinical applications of Confocal Blue laser RAF
Focus Spring 2015 – Cataract Surgery in patients with Learning Disability

Focus Winter 2014 – Management of unexplained vitreous haemorrhage
Focus Autumn 2014 (Focus Autumn 2014 References) – Focus on Nystagmus
Focus Summer 2014 – Recent advances in Endophthalmitis Management
Focus Spring 2014  (Focus Spring 2014 References) – Advances in Corneal Endothelial Transplant Surgery: DMEK

Focus Winter 2013 – Focus on CSR
Focus Autumn 2013 – Microbial keratitis
Focus Summer 2013 – Driving and vision
Focus Spring 2013 – Optic pathway Gliomas in childhood

Focus Winter 2012 – The NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme: New Common Pathway
Focus Autumn 2012 – Update on Medical Retina
Focus Summer 2012 – Retinal Gene Therapy
Focus Spring 2012 – Thyroid-associated Ophthalmopathy 

Focus Winter 2011 – Periocular Basal Cell Carcinoma
Focus Autumn 2011 – Pterygium Surgery
Focus Summer 2011 – Small gauge vitrectomy
Focus Spring 2011 (corrected) – The Surgical Management of Infantile Cataract

Focus Winter 2010 – Histopathology and cytology specimens – what should you send, and to whom?
Focus Autumn 2010 – Refractive Surprise after Cataract Surgery
Focus Summer 2010 – Dietary supplements in age-related macular degeneration
Focus Spring 2010 – Giant cell – temporal – arteritis (GCA) in ophthalmic practice

Focus Winter 2009 – Medical Retina Update
Focus Autumn 2009 – e-Learning update
Focus Summer 2009 – Improving detection of visual problems and eye disorders in children through screening
Focus Spring 2009 – External Quality Assurance in Diabetic Retinopathy Management

Focus Winter 2008 – Visual rehabilitation of patients with macular diseases
Focus Autumn 2008 – Age-related macular degeneration
Focus Summer 2008 – Retinoblastoma for Life
Focus Spring 2008 – Antibiotic prophylaxis of post-operative endophthalmitis in cataract surgery

NB The views expressed are those of the author(s)

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