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The College launched its first e-portfolio in 2007 with the introduction of run through training as part of Modernising Medical Careers (MMC). During the summer of 2014 the College conducted a membership survey and the feedback highlighted that the e-portfolio was no longer meeting the needs of trainees, supervisors or College staff.

The College initially explored implementing the necessary changes to the current e-portfolio, but it became apparent that the costs and timescale of introducing the sought-after Clinical and Educational Supervisor Reports, along with the numerous other updates required, was prohibitively expensive and would not develop the system for the users.

One of the College’s primary strategic aims is to continue to develop training, education and assessment for the benefit of ophthalmologists and patients.  As such, the project to implement a new e-Portfolio (‘e-portfolio v2’) was agreed at the College’s Council meeting in September 2014 in order to offer an improved system for trainees and supervisors which better facilitates the assessment process for which it is primarily used.

The new system has less reliance on uploaded document forms and manual administration by the College staff, incorporates the Clinical and Educational Supervisor Reports in online format, enables the College to create and amend assessment templates and include the ARCP outcomes directly in trainees’ accounts.  It also provide future flexibility to respond to changes in the curriculum, including The Shape of Training Review, and the ability to accommodate multiple curricula without expensive development costs.

The new e-Portfolio has been designed to be as familiar as possible for all current users, whilst implementing exciting new features.  The system will aid trainees in gathering evidence of their training, and their supervisors in reviewing each trainee’s progress.  CPD users will experience a simplified process of recording their development, whilst Deaneries / LETBs will be able to create ARCP panels and input the ARCP outcomes at the time of the review.

Common questions about the e-Portfolio may be addressed in the Trainees’ FAQs page.