ePortfolio Pilot

  • 04 Oct 2023
  • RCOphth

The Ophthalmic Specialist Training (OST) Project Board is overseeing the ePortfolio Pilot Programme which started on 28 September with a fantastic face-to-face testing event at the College. This was the first time that the new ePortfolio had been experienced by any of our trainees or supervisors.

The event, led by Clinical ePortfolio Lead Dr Thomas Salisbury, and Mr Vikas Chadha, Curriculum Sub-Committee Chair, has included 20 volunteers (trainees and supervisors) from across the UK, and will finish when the new curriculum debuts on 6 August 2024.

Planned activities over the next year include:

    • 2 November 2023 – Curriculum 2024 Autumn Webinar Programme: the ePortfolio
    • January 2024 – Mock ARCP and follow-up testing event
    • February 2024 – ST1 survey
    • March 2024 – OLT/CESR applicant testing
    • June 2024 – Early adopter full pilot (West Midlands Deanery)

We have already got names of some volunteers and will certainly be reaching out as we go forward! For more information please contact [email protected] and see the website https://www.rcophth.ac.uk/training/ophthalmic-specialist-training/ost-curriculum/curriculum-2024/

Making a new ePortfolio for trainee doctors is a hugely complex task. Making it at the same time as finalising a new curriculum is even more challenging. While getting the right platform and IT are very important, it is just as much about how already very busy people engage with new systems – and how we can support them to do so.