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Commissioning ophthalmic services for children

The prevention of vision and eye conditions and promotion of good visual health for children require very different approaches to those used in adult services.  The RCOphth’s Paediatric Sub-committee document, authored by Jugnoo Rahi, Advice on Commissioning of Ophthalmic Services for Childrenwill help inform commissioners of the key issues to consider when commissioning services for:

  • Children with conditions that cause (or may cause) visual impairment (VI), severe visual impairment (SVI) or blindness (BL) (WHO definition i.e. corrected acuity in better eye of LogMAR 0.5 or worse)
  • Children with common eye conditions that cause (or may cause) unilateral or milder reduction in vision
  • Children with isolated refractive error alone or those with mild/acute/self-limiting conditions (e.g. conjunctivitis)

This briefing document sets out the themes and issues relevant to commissioning of ophthalmic services for children.

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